Artform News - October 2017


'The Diary of Anne Frank'


Artform would like to thank the cast, producton team and all those who helped bring 'The Diary of Anne Frank' to the Broadway Studio Theatre this October. Artform are delighted with the audience feedback received for our most recent production:

"We went as a family to see 'The Diary of Anne Frank'. Thought it was absolutely brilliant; so moving, and wonderful to be able to take my 11 year old to see something so important. Otto Frank would be so pleased that Anne's story is still being shown."

"Beautiful direction and acting, I’m going home with mascara all over my face so I think that says it all"

"I can't express how touched I am after watching 'The Diary of Anne Frank' . . what an amazing cast and set"

See the Sardines Magazine review of 'The Diary of Anne Frank' here: