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Artform is a production company and is run by its Management Board.


Our objectives are:


-To present publicly lesser-known, neglected and small-cast musical and dramatic works

-To offer the opportunity to anyone interested in musical and dramatic works to participate in high-quality productions in either creative, performance or backstage roles.


CHAIR                     Sheila Arden

VICE CHAIR            Mattew Westrip

TREASURER            Chris Arden

SECRETARY            Caroline Essenhigh


Paul Stone

Ron Dixon

Daniel Lawrence

Jo Robinson

The Management Board is responsible for the day-to-day management and future planning of Artform. This includes responsibility for artistic policy and choosing the season, supporting production teams, maintaining artistic and production standards, budgeting and financial management.

The Board ensures that a balanced programme is presented in line with our ethos, and oversees all aspects of a production as well as raising funds and holding social events.


The following roles are appointed by the Board in order to ensure the smooth-running of the organisation:


Artistic Director                  Sheila Arden

Business Manager              Chris Arden

Production Manager           Paul Stone

Social Media                        Caroline Essenhigh

Audio/Visual Manager        Ron Dixon

Events Manager                  Daniel Lawrance

Fundraising Manager          Jo Robinson

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