Merrily We Roll Along - 2019


Based on the 1934 George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart play of the same name, this semi-autobiographical Stephen Sondheim musical was updated to span the 50s to the 70s decades. It is a story of friendship and how it is compromised by the high price of success.

The story is told in reverse, tracing the lives of wealthy, jaded composer Franklin Shepherd, and his two estranged friends Charlie and Mary through each milestone of their personal and professional lives. The show ends with the three best friends filled with talent and enthusiasm ready to conquer the world.




"This show is another success for director, Sheila Arden, and Artform which has continued to produce an ever higher standard work since its relaunch in 2012."  Susan Elkin, Sardines, 13 October 2019.


"Artform have pulled off yet another fantastic musical." 4*, My Fair Theatre Goer, 11 October 2019."


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Ros Philp

Johan Samuelsson

Brett McHargue

Danielle Dowsett

Neil Whitaker

Rosalind Killpack

Jo Robinson

Marston York

Elaine Boxhall Lewis

Chris Arden

Same Eades

Peter Fiorini

Nikita Elash

Thomas Fitzgerald

Mary Flynn

Franklin Shepard

Charley Kringas

Gussie Carnegie

Joe Jospehson

Beth Spencer


Jerome/Club Pianist

Scotty/Mrs Spencer

Terry/Mr Spencer



Meg/Make Up Girl



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