Company - February 2023

Telling the story of one man's struggles to come to terms with the world of dating, marriage & divorce set against the background of 1990s New York.


Originally a series of 11 one act plays by George Furth, they were adapted into a one musical based around New York Marriages in the 1970s by Sondheim.


The production will be Directed by Sheila Arden, with Musical Direction from David Bullen and Choreography from Caroline Essenhigh. Company ran at the Bob Hope Theatre from the 8th - 11th February 2023. Full cast and creative list below.



The story concerns Robert, a confirmed bachelor on his 35th birthday, contemplating his present and future, and the issues of marriage, divorce, commitment and loneliness.

His three current girlfriends and 5 married couples all ‘help’ to influence his future through a series of vignettes.


COMPANY features arguably Sondheim’s most accessible and diverse score containing many of his best known songs, including ‘You could drive a person crazy’, ‘Another 100 people’, ‘ Side by side by side’, ‘Barcelona’, ‘The ladies who lunch’, and ‘Being Alive’.



Robert             Daniel Lawrence

Harry              Shane King

Sarah              Joanna Wyld

Peter               Scott Slaytor

Susan             Bethany Andrew

David              Stu Collins 

Jenny              Joanne Robinson

Paul                Nick Haley

Amy                Erin Clancey

Larry               Chris Arden

Joanne            Laurie Brown

April                Alexandra Wharram

Kathy              Aimee Collins

Martha            Jaime Finch



Musical Director           David Bullen

Director                       Sheila Arden

Choreographer             Caroline Essenhigh

Assistant Director         Dom Lucas

Asst. Choreographer     Joanne Robinson


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