Oh What a Lovely War - 2018


This musical was developed by Joan Littlewood and her Theatre Workshop in 1963, and is a satire on World War One.

The idea was brought to her by Gerry Raffles after he heard a BBC radio musical called The Long, Long Trail, written and produced by Charles Chiltern in memory of his father, which used facts and statistics juxtaposed with reminiscences and songs of the time as an ironic critique on the irony of war.

In Littlewood’s production she refused the use of full uniforms, so instead the cast performed in Pierrot costumes, to provide further ironic contrast to the military hats they wore.



Sardines Review



Cast & Creatives


Chris Arden

Susan Booth

Peter Fiorini

Joanne Frazer

James Harrison-Baker

Kerry Heywood

Gavin Hunter

Shane King

Daniel Lawrence

Elaine Lewis

Rosalind Philp

Nadine Plater

Paul Stone

Alexandria Wharrum


Matthew Westrip - Director

James Hall - Musical Director

Caroline Essenhigh - Choreographer

Claire Goad - Assistant Choreographer


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